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  • A Few Words About Brussels

    I bit my tongue in November after Paris was attacked. I thought that being the only French speaker on our Rochester staff, I should have something insightful to say. But I didn’t. What could I possi

  • I Was Going to Go to the Gym and Write a Paper Today

    I checked my gmail this morning (starting to transition away from my UR email, scary times folks), because my one friend said he'd send me a playlist. He still hasn't, but being an unreliable person

  • Welcome Back

      [embed][/embed] Winter break is over, everyone is pale, and campus has turned into a gray, windy hellscape. Welcome to spring semester at the Un

  • Lectures Aren't For Everyone

    Sarah Elderkin Sometimes the most counter-intuitive strategies work the best. I found this to be true when it came to getting good grades in particular lecture classes. You probabl

  • Judging People on Where They Study

    If you haven’t failed out of UR by now, chances are you’ve had to do some schoolwork on campus, especially since we’re required to live here so that t

  • Preparing for Winter

    Halloween is over, Thanksgiving break is in two weeks, and that means one thing--Rochester winter is on the horizon. I'm not quite the kid from the book Hatchet, but I'm from somewhat ne