Yik Yak Software Update Will Change Users Experience

No Sting Zone | laurelle | November 29, 2015

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By Javier Torres

Atlanta, GA – Yik Yak users woke up this morning to a surprise software update for the app.

This update has a few noticeable changes, including preventing users from being able to delete the app. Representatives of Yik Yak addressed the update in a blog post:

“We have some exciting changes for our users. Users now gain the ability to be connected to the exciting thoughts and opinions of other users their area 24/7. We have successfully integrated the app into iOS, Android, and Windows, which allows for complete access to notifications at all times. No longer will users have to miss a single Yak posted to our app.”

Some other changes announced by the blog post include:

• New text-to-voice technology will automatically read new Yaks through users’ headphones.

• Removal of the down arrow will prevent any Yaks from being hidden.

• Email Blast will send all users the top 50 Yaks of the week.

These changes will not go into effect for phone users who do not have the Yik Yak app. The blog post states that “users who currently have the app must value every single thought an idea of their peers, so we have made sure to enhance that experience for users who enjoy using the app.”

The post indicated the developers confidence in the new changes. “We believe the ability to anonymously post any thought at any moment is integral to any community. Our app continues to deliver a unique experience and we are excited to see how the community continues to use it.”


This is a satirical post.