The New Year’s Resolution We Should Keep

Uncategorized | laurelle | December 31, 2015

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Tomorrow marks a new year. With the coming of the new year comes a series of familiar taglines: new me, new opportunity, new people, new love, new hope. Surely, unlike 2015, 2016 will be our year.

However, it doesn’t take a Hallmark holiday to make a necessary change in our lives. It’s ludicrous to think so. Just imagine for a second in a quick glance at history if great men like our founding fathers waited until January 1st, 1777 to standup to injustice and make a dangerous yet vital change. We make changes because we are passionate about the principles that inspire them, and that should not be compromised by time or date.

You can change any aspect of your life on a daily basis. You can tell anyone in your life just how important they are to you and treat them well on a Monday or a Thursday, on a cold winter night or in the heat of a July day. You can start eating healthier 10 minutes after realizing just how gross that Sausage McMuffin was this morning.

For some reason the element of change on January 1st is fundamental, but why? People look back on the past year and they see flaws, all of the imperfections of the past year; we see the hardships but never the beauty. So we collectively gather and post our new goals so this next year will be better, because surely we won’t be broke or heartbroken again if we eat better and workout more. The reality is that there is beauty in the struggle of the past year and these imperfections are perfect and necessary in the shaping of who we are.

No year will be perfect. No year will bring fruits without labor. Everyday is worthy of the opportunity to allow for change and self-betterment without the consideration of timing. Change comes because we evolve, not because we are flawed. Flaws do not exist where perfection does not. No aspect of your character, body, or life is flawed. You do however have the active ability to live the life you want to live at anytime.

So this year (because I too make the resolutions I criticize intensely time and time again) I am challenging myself to make a new resolution, not because tomorrow is New Year’s Day, but because it is tomorrow. I am challenging myself, starting immediately and carrying into each and every year to come, to not be afraid. Instead, I will empower myself to continue to evolve into the person I aspire to become. I will not cheat myself by waiting for another ‘important’ day to make a worthy change. Instead I will treat everyday with the importance of New Year’s Day.

Cheers friends! I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! May the Don Perignon flow freely.