Senior Feature: Brianna Quinzi, Louvre Performance Ensemble

UR Stuck On Campus | | April 6, 2016

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“I just really like dannnncinnnnng.” -Brianna

Brianna Quinzi, a senior at the U of R and past-President of the Louvre Performance Ensemble is a dancer among many things. With a Psychology major and Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Dance minors, Brianna has worked in a research lab on campus as well as been a Teaching Assistant, and has taught dance classes off campus in her spare time. She is currently in the process of applying to graduate school where she hopes to become a Physical Therapist.

With Louvre’s Spring Show coming up this Saturday and Sunday, I wanted to talk with Brianna to get a better insight of being involved in the Performing Arts on the River Campus. I also just happened to be sitting with Brianna at Starbucks because we are good friends and I find it funny to be writing about her as if I did not know her, but I am going to try (and now this is awkward because I just told you all).

We sat down as any two friends do to try and conduct an interview of the other, making it as professional as possible. The room fell silent as our mutual friend Molly yelled from the adjacent room, “you guys are so weird—just start asking questions about dancing!” And so I did.

Here they are.

Matt Lerner (ML): “When did you start dancing?”

Brianna Quinzi (BQ): “I started dancing when I was 2 ½ years old—still in diapers! My parents signed me up for a class called “Tiny Toes” and the rest was history.”

ML: “What is your favorite type of dance & why?”

BQ: “I love being sassy but I also love to dance gracefully and fluidly…so I guess it just depends on what type of mood I’m in.”

ML: “Why did you join Louvre?”

BQ: “I knew I wanted to dance in college and while I didn’t think I wanted to devote a whole major to it, I knew I still wanted to dance at a serious level. When I learned about Louvre, it seemed like the perfect balance of skill and being able to be social and academic.”

ML: “What is your favorite memory from dancing in college?”

BQ: “Every time our show comes around, we pretty much live in Spurrier the entire week leading up to the show and the entire show weekend as well. We basically lock ourselves in the small room behind the stage Saturday and Sunday before we perform and things get pretty weird. You can typically find me watching videos of golden retriever puppies wrestling when I’m not dancing. Even though we’re exhausted from late night rehearsals, we have the best time hanging out all day before we have to dance.

I’ve also met some really cool people that like to dance as much as I do. I’m going to miss this crew a whole lot next year.”

ML: “Do you think you’ll continue to dance post-grad?”

BQ: “I sure hope so! At this point, I really can’t imagine my life without dance. I will definitely continue to teach and I would really love to continue performing as well, so hopefully that works out.”

ML: “Tell me about your show this weekend! What are you most excited about?”

BQ: “Ahh my senior show! I always get so excited to perform and show everyone what we work so hard on all semester. Our senior dance is particularly special because *spoiler alert* our senior friends in the Ramblers are singing an original song for us for us to dance to—tear jerker for sure.”

ML: “What do you love most about dancing?”

BQ: “I love getting lost in movement. I know it may sound cliché, but when I am dancing, nothing else in the world matters at that point in time. It helps me express myself in ways that I cannot express through words, and, what has proven true at least for my time at UR, is that it is a huge stress reliever. I can be super worried about impending tests or assignments but as soon as I step into a rehearsal, nothing else seems to matter in that moment.”

ML: “What do you want the UR community to know about dance/Louvre/you?”

BQ: “Everyone should come to the show! We don’t get any funding from the school (and we’re pretty much #poor) so everyone that comes helps us pay for the performance, costumes, event support, etc. Help us out and come see our hard work paying off!”

The Louvre Performance Ensemble will be hosting their Spring Show in Spurrier Dance Studio this weekend with performances on Saturday, March 9th at 8pm and Sunday, March 10th at 5pm. Tickets are currently being sold at the Common Market for $6 and can also be purchased at the door for $7 for students and $9 for the general public.