Halloween Recap: Best Costumes

Work Hard, Play Harder | | November 5, 2015

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As we approach the one-week mark since one of the better weekends of the year, we reflect on those individuals who really got into the spirit of the holiday. Whether they were scary, spooky, or just tryna be #relevant, these students are the ones that stood out the most.

Jocelynn Blackshear as Marshawn Lynch (showing up to the team lift so he won’t get fined):


Aly Grealish and Danielle Katan as (naked) Sims:

Aly and Katan

Jenny Yoon as one of the new favorite Snapchat filters:



Jake Gusman, Jillian Dunn, Jessica Sheng, and Ulrik Soderstrom as Kiss:

Gusman and crew

Alex Rickwood and Sarah Lim as the twins from The Shining:

Lim Rickwood

Alyssa Asaro and Rachel Golden as Lizzie McGuire and BFF Miranda:


Sara Ruffner, Andrea Willimetz, and Katie Neimeyer as Bed, Bath, & Beyond:


Tara Sullivan and Sarah Vogel as wacky waving inflatable arm waving tube people:


Emily Iandau and Zach Arnold as characters from The Big Bang Theory:


Anna Llewellyn and Hannah Every as characters from Wet Hot American Summer:


It was a great weekend across the board. Students pulled out all of the stops this year, channeling their inner creativity before hitting Waterstreet Music Hall or the Frat Quad. Congrats to those who made the list and those who put forth the effort over Halloweekend. And for the guy who “dresses as a lumberjack” with his favorite flannel or the girl who “dresses as a cat” in all black clothes, now you have some ideas to steal for next year!