Dear Beer Pong

No Sting Zone | laurelle | February 9, 2016

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By Javier Torres

Dear Beer Pong,

From the moment I flicked my finger against that ping pong ball
And sank that first titty cup
In the beer drenched basement of that frat house
I felt something deep inside.

You and I were meant to be.

You became my everything
My goals & ambitions
My successes & failures
My Thirsty Thursdays & Fucked up Fridays

I went from a little freshman
Only playing with 6 cups
To a senior
Asking for a gentleman’s re-rack
If I wasn’t playing, I always had next
The night was infinite.

So I sank my cups.
Sometimes I put the team on my back,
Sometimes I was the one being carried.
But I always rallied, I always rebuddled.

The music was loud, the room was dark
But I still played
For you.
The spilled cups,
The beer on my shoes,
All worth it.

With you by my side, I became a grand warrior
Master of the weekend.
And although I will still continue to get shit faced,
I will be a master of you no longer.

My elbow will never cross
My knees will always bend
But I can’t take the pong table with me.

And I accept that.

So let us make this last semester glorious.
Although the end looms near,
Let us dance
And remember when this was forever.

No matter where I go after graduation

I will move forward with what you taught me
And begin every challenge
Eye to eye.

Love you always,