Matt Lerner

  • Senior Feature: Diana Barlaam, Vocal Point

    When I started interviewing various seniors on campus to highlight their accomplishments, I immediately thought of local star Diana Barlaam. In her time at Rochester, Diana has taken on two majors in

  • Update: Hedy Ludwig is STILL a UR Student

    (Taken from Hedy Ludwig recently updated her status on the popular social media site, Facebook, to announce that she is still in fact a student at the University of Rochester. She

  • Senior Feature: Nicole Itzkowitz, UR Concerts President

    For a small school in the middle of nowhere, UR Concerts works to put us on the map. Every year, this club brings big names in music to the River Campus for concerts with discounted prices for the Roc

  • Senior Feature: Hannah and Susan, Relay for Life Co-Chairs

    Relay for Life is one of, if not the largest, fundraising events on the University of Rochester campus each year. Although a common misconception, Relay for Life is not in fact a relay race, but rathe

  • Senior Feature: Brianna Quinzi, Louvre Performance Ensemble

    “I just really like dannnncinnnnng.” -Brianna Brianna Quinzi, a senior at the U of R and past-President of the Louvre Performance Ensemble is a dancer among many things. With a Psychology major

  • Dear Class of 2020...

    To: The Class of 2020 Love(?): The Seniors It’s finally bearable weather-wise at the U of R. People have been seen outdoors, there is at least one or two students smiling while walking in the